2. current wishlist

    -eagle river, deerskin lake, coffee on the pier in the early am.

    -waking up slowly and making breakfast

    -staying up late

    -the mountains

  4. bearschapter:

    Dreaming is wonderful, but I want to be surrounded by those who wake, and do.

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  6. proflower:

    Nature // Spiritual

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  8. topo-designs:

    The rolling hills of granite in Yosemite

    Topo Designs Rover Pack

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  9. "One of the ironies of college is that the impossibility of reading your way out of the modern predicament is something you learn about, as a student, by reading. Part of the value of a humanistic education has to do with a consciousness of, and a familiarity with, the limits that you’ll spend the rest of your life talking about and pushing against. So it’s probably natural for college students to be a little ironic, a little unsettled. It’s time, meanwhile, to admit that the college years aren’t for figuring out some improvised “sense of purpose.” They’re more like a period of acclimatization—a time when realizations can dawn. If you’re feeling uneasy about life, then you’re doing the reading."